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Single Solution Provider

UNS is critical facilities. Our vision incorporates a “Single Solution Provider” in the data center market that specifically targets the small to medium enterprises.

UNS brings significant value to the customer by viewing the IT and facility as a single entity. This approach allows us to bring highly reliable, cost effective solutions to your organization. The UNS approach reduces acquisition costs, enables faster deployment and brings the best of each component of the data center and makes it available to the customer at competetive prices. Our partnerships with the World’s Leading manufacturers of critical components ensures that your organization gets a reliable, cost-effective, right-sized solution.

We provide the world’s best products from the utility pole to the server. Download the complete UNS Line Sheet UNS Line Sheet.


  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Electrical Switchgear
  • IT Monitoring Products and Services
  • Busway Power Distribution
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Step-down Transformers
  • Perimeter (CRAC) & Row Based Cooling
  • Standby Generators
  • Data Center Security & Environmental Products
  • Building Management Systems
  • Lighting & Lighting Controls

  • Data Center Design & Engineering Services
  • High-Density Application Specialists
  • Hot-Aisle/Cold-Aisle Specialists
  • Installation & Certification Services
  • Service & Maintenance Contracting
  • Data Center Efficiency Assessments
  • De-installation, De-manufacturing Services
  • Complete Recycling Services for IT Equipment
  • Critical Facility Power & Cooling Assessments

UNS is committed to providing standardized, modular IT infrastructure to ensure the highest level of availability with unrestricted future growth potential.

Along with our partners, UNS continues to bring the best-in-class components for its customers. Our commitment doesn’t stop after the sale. Our service personnel have 20+years of experience and have worked in some of the largest, most demanding facilities in the world.

Interested in learning more about our process? Contact us and let us schedule a FREE data center assessment to establish your energy consumption baseline. Our Critical Facility Energy Profiles (CFEP) generates a “report card” with recommendations that can save your organization thousands in electrical and maintenance costs, often without any capital expenditures.