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About Us

UNS and its partners bring true value to the client by combining all core data center infrastructure into a single point of contact. UNS completes the entire lifecycle of the data center by putting the end user in direct contact with the manufacturer of critical components, thereby saving time and money during deployment. Our model leverages the pricing on each component to ensure that your are getting the most out of your capital investment.

Universal Networking Services is your power and cooling solution provider for your critical facility. Our vision incorporates a “Single Solution Provider” in the data center market that specifically targets the small to medium enterprises. UNS brings significant value to the customer by viewing the IT and facility as a single entity. This approach allows us to bring highly reliable, cost effective solutions to your organization. The UNS approach reduces acquisition costs, enables faster deployment and brings the best of each component of the data center and make it available to the customer at competitive prices. Our partnerships with the World’s Leading Manufacturers of critical components ensures that your organization gets a reliable, cost-effective, right-sized solution.

Mission Statement

UNS serves it clients with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. We are dedicated to providing reliable, adaptable, scalable and cost-effective solutions for your wiring closets, server rooms and data centers. As each project brings new challenges, UNS promises to offer technological solutions that meet productivity, efficiency and reliability goals of each client. UNS strives to design, build, implement and service the world’s lowest total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) facilities. We are committed to understanding our clients challenges and provide the tools needed to operate their businesses with reliability and maximum efficiency.