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Data Center Solutions

Power Solutions

Mission critical businesses can’t always trust the power grid to supply energy. Rather, they require specialized equipment to meet their critical power needs in addition to normal power distribution equipment.

This often includes automatic transfer systems, UPS systems, onsite generation, emergency power equipment, filtered power distribution, surge protection, static transfer, specialized cooling systems and interfaces to other building management systems.

Designing, installing and managing systems of this complexity is no small task. UNS combines best-inclass products and expertise with application-specific services to provide tightly coordinated, one-stop solutions to businesses in which power availability is a requirement – not an option.

With numerous successful installations and growing, UNS specializes in meeting the specific needs of data centers. Whether Tier I or Tier IV, we design and deliver an ultra-reliable, tiered system that addresses even the greatest data center challenges.

Power System Challenges in Mission Critical Installations

Most data center operators are unaware of the loading and current power and cooling capability of their data centers, even at a total bulk level. Installing equipment that exceeds the design density of the data center, and the resultant stresses on the power and cooling systems, are causing downtime from overloads, overheating, and loss of redundancy.

With the adoption of scalable “pay as you grow” UPS architectures, its becoming easier to install these systems. It allows the data center manager to simply add modules as the needs of the data center grow. Sizing the electrical service for a data center or data room requires an understanding of the amount of electricity required by the cooling system, the UPS system, and the critical IT loads. The power requirements of these elements may vary substantially from each other, but can be accurately estimated using simple rules once the power requirements of the planned IT load are determined.

Costs from Over-sizing Data Center and Network Room Infrastructure is now a real threat to operating budgets. NCPI components must be sufficiently sized to carry the known load at start-up and future loads, without downtime that would adversely affect the availability expected by the IT customer.

Assessing the electrical power required to support and cool the critical loads within the data center is essential in planning for the development of a facility that will meet the end user’s availability expectations.The right-sizing of Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure components will assist a competent NCPI systems supplier in lowering the total-cost-of ownership (TCO).